Barrie “Mixed-Use Intensification Zones”

Barrie “Mixed-Use Intensification Zones”

Today, the City of Barrie will be hosting an Open House meeting to discuss proposed new Mixed Use zones aimed at the Intensification Areas. These areas are considering a mid-rise of built form, ranging from three to eight stories.

The areas in questions include the Urban Growth Centre, and the major corridors of Bayfield Street, Dunlop Street, Essa Road, Duckworth Street and Yonge Street.

These new mid-rise buildings would consist of a mix of commercial and residential uses.

These types of structures are excellent for the City and other jurisdictions looking for a sensible means of urban intensification. They are able to facilitate a lifestyle for residents that allow for living, working, shopping, and leisure all within their neighborhoods
. As well, the increased amount of residential property offers residents of the City a greater amount of options in terms of space and location when looking for a spot to call home.

These mid-rise developments offer a win-win situation for both the residents and the commercial businesses. The convenience aspect for the residents is unparalleled and the opportunity for commercial industries to have a solid customer base in the general vicinity and increased foot traffic is a dream come true. Currently Hassey Realty Corp. is developing a mixed-use building at 750 Big Bay Point Road that is aimed to facilitate and address similar needs. It can be found at .

These new zones will allow Barrie and other cities considering similar models, to plan for growth targets set out by the Province through the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe , 2006. The plan has since been amended twice in January 2012 and June 2013. This 25-year plan looks to:

  • Revitalize downtowns to become vibrant and convenient centres.
  • Create complete communities that offer more options for living, working, learning, shopping, and playing.
  • Provide housing options to meet the needs of people at any age.
  • Curb sprawl and protect farmland and green spaces.
  • Reduce traffic gridlock by improving access to a greater range of transportation options.

Planning staff of the City of Barrie will be presenting the proposed Zoning Standards during the meeting today, March 11, 2014 and more information is available about the Open House meeting and the proposed changes at: