Are You Ready For Spring?

Are You Ready For Spring?

Every winter the snow falls and every spring it melts. As a homeowner or business owner there are certain steps and things to look for in order to ensure a smooth transition into spring. With snow melting this can pose some serious issues that can be mediated and prevented.

Keeping Water Out

1. Make sure you have shoveled and removed snow from any entrance into the premise. This includes doors, windows, and shipping doors. As snow melts, water will seep into cracks and spread finding its way inside through cracks and broken seals.

2. Make sure that there is proper grading. This will take the water away and ensure that it does not flow towards the premise during heavy rain or melting periods.

3. Clear debris from gutters, downspouts, and any other drainage that would impede the melting snow.

Minimize Risk

If water does find its way indoors there are steps that can be tak
en in order to alleviate the issue.

1. Basements are usually the first location to experience issues from melting snow. Therefore, do not keep valuables at ground level and consider keeping them on a separate floor all together.

2. Make sure all interior drains are clear and any water that does enter the premise is able to drain freely.

3. A sump pump serves a valuable function in a house and should be considered if you do not already have one. If you do own a sump pump make sure it is in working order as this is an excellent preventative measure.



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