Condominium Management

Condominium Management – Blake Street, Barrie

Hassey Property Group has proven itself to be extremely well versed in property management of condominium corporations. Our many years of experience and hands-on knowledge of what it takes to successfully manage a condominium is evident in the management of a condominium corporation located on Blake Street in Barrie. Hassey Property Management was awarded the management contract and with our typical consistent and coherent transition from the previous management company, we quickly realized savings for the condominium owners with the implementation of preventative maintenance programs in conjunction with our ability to offer bulk pricing due to our long-standing list of qualified contractors used throughout the rest of our portfolio. In addition, Hassey successfully worked with the Board and corporation engineer to update the corporation’s reserve fund so that it adequately met the anticipated future needs of the corporation while minimizing any significant increases in funding requirements. This is another example of how our diverse skill set helps us excel in all aspects of property management.