Commercial Management

Hassey Property Management has a proven track record for outstanding commercial property management forged over more than two decades. The team is available to advise clients on the best options for addressing challenges and maximizing property value and return on investment.

The Hassey integrated approach results in predictable performance, the reduction of overhead costs, and a single source of accountability for all service requirements.  Hassey responds to all calls from municipal agencies such as police and/or fire departments, owners and/or tenants, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Administration Services:

  • Managing day-to-day client/tenant correspondence
  • Preparing new leases and negotiating renewals
  • Coordinating realty tax appeals
  • Obtaining and placing insurance coverage
  • Liaising with all governmental agencies
  • Enforcing default lease provisions/evictions
  • Facilitating meeting

Maintenance Services:

Hassey Property Management uses a combination of technical expertise, computerized maintenance management tools, and draws upon their extensive experience to create customized maintenance and repair programs. Maintaining the client’s investment and ensuring the highest quality of maintenance services is one of their primary concerns.

Hassey ensures iron-clad fiscal responsibility through financial documentation, reports, and analysis. Financial status is provided on a pre-established schedule and owners are always well informed. Whatever the client’s accounting requirements, Hassey’s certified experts are available to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

Leasing Services:

Hassey Property Management provides real estate agents with the information necessary to close deals in a timely manner. Offers are dealt with within 24 hours of receipt and brokers are fully protected.